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Photography Andres Manner

"I like filming, I like light. My career as a cinematographer has allowed me to enjoy another way of seeing the world, capturing unique moments: from a beautiful sunset in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico, to the eternal days of the glacial Antarctic."

Rafael Núñez has had the opportunity to work filming documentaries throughout much of Latin America, getting to know hundreds of people and their cultures.  He has also been lighting designer for series and television shows and has filmed dozens of corporate and commercial videos.

He is passionate of experimenting and technical innovation: he began his career filming in 35 and 16mm and has adapted over time to the use of new image technologies: digital cinema cameras, new narrative techniques. He also enjoys teaching and training in this field.
In summary, he is never bored. 

30 years of experience, have given Rafael the ability to get involved with projects with the same passion that requires leading an ambitious human and technical team; to adapt to the new demands in production with much less specialized personnel, time, and resources.

The combination of technical excellence and intuitive art with an increasing managerial experience as a producer and filmmaker, makes
Rafael Núñez very effective in solving creative images and narrative possibilities that convey a true and accurate message for each client.


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